OVH Notifications

The WHMCS OVH Notification module scans your email account for emails from OVH then forwards the relevant notification to your customers. The notification module matches the IP or hostname in the OVH email with the IP of a customer in WHMCS. For the module to work you must have an OVH IP in the Dedicated or Assigned IP fields in WHMCS. Many providers use OVH to buy equipment because of the low price they charge. This makes the OVH Notification module ideal for businesses that resell from OVH.

Imagine your web hosting service sells a dedicated IP to your customer. Your customer service is configured to use that IP. If a DDoS attack is aimed at that IP you will receive a notification from OVH warning you that a DDoS attack has been detected and they are mitigating the risk. Without the WHMCS OVH Notification module, your customer would never be made aware of the DDoS attack but, by using the WHMCS notification module you can send your customer a warning. The OVH notification module can be used when using other modules in WHMCS. The module uses the WHMCS cron to scan your deployed email account every 5 minutes meaning you can use a module like the SolusVM Extended module from Modules Garden at the same time.

You can configure the notification module to send a range of notifications when events happen this includes;

  • DDoS Attack Detected
  • DDoS Attack Ended
  • Server Installed
  • Monitoring – Server Offline
  • Monitoring – Server Online
  • Server Rebooted
  • Spam Detected


You can customize the emails that are sent to your customers by editing the templates the module installs on setup. This allows you to create HTML email templates designed to match your own business with the added advantage of including logs in these emails. The OVH Notification module can also include the logs OVH provides you. This could be evidence of spam abuse, including a log to the customer of why their IP has been blocked. Or, in the case of hacking evidence of the customer’s server engaging in a DDoS attack.


Module Price

The OVH Notification module is priced at $29.99 per year which means you can send your customers important notifications that you can customize for under $2.49 per month.

Module Details