SMS Manager

The SMS Manager developed by WHMCS Services allows you to send notifications by SMS messages to your WHMCS customers. This module is great for keeping customers informed. The SMS Manager module has lots of configuration options, lots of gateways like Clickatell, and can handle Two-Factor codes. The module priced competitively on a one-time payment basis and is by far the best SMS module for WHMCS we have seen and used.

Module Setup

Setting up the SMS Manager module is easy. You upload the files to your WHMCS install and activate the software. The module can be configured to take the customer’s phone number from the client profile meaning if customers have already stored a mobile number in their account before you use the module you can start sending them notifications right away. The module installs a separate area in the WHMCS client area which allows customers to choose what type of notifications the module will send them. Customers can get notifications about orders and invoices, support tickets, and logins.

SMS Gateways

The SMS Manager module comes packed with a large number of gateways you can use the software with. To get started choose who you want to send SMS messages through and enter your API details. Just some of the gateways you can use are;

  • BulkSMS (US & Worldwide)
  • Clickatell (US & Worldwide)
  • Text Marketer (UK)
  • Sendpk (Pakistan & Worldwide)
  • Twilio (US & Worldwide)
  • DakikSMS (Turkey)
  • Super Solutions (Pakistan & Worldwide)

Module Configuration

The configuration of the module does take some time. You can edit all of the templates that the module uses to send SMS Messages to customers so you can brand the messages to your business. Because of the number of notification templates avaliable to send to customers is huge it will take some time. The administrator can also choose for WHMCS administrators to receive notifications when certain events happen. For example when a new order is placed or a new support ticket is opened.

Two-Factor Authentication Codes

The SMS Manager module can also issue Two-Factor authentication codes to approve logins to WHMCS. 2FA is a great way of adding another layer of protection to WHMCS and customers. For this to work your SMS gateway provider must allow messaging worldwide. Some gateways like Clickatell require you use a special number when sending messages to USA residents. This number can cost up to $100 every three months.


Module Price

WHMCS Services price the SMS Manager module at $28.99 one time, one domain. This is a steal for a module of this size and well underpriced. It’s defiantly worth $10 or $20 /month. A source code version is also available to purchase at $299.

Module Details