WHMCS - The Multipurpose Billing & Management System

WHMCS, originally built for Web Host's as a billing and automation system has evolved into a multipurpose management system that is perfect for many use cases. Ten years ago WHMCS was in direct competition with another software program called WHM AutoPilot. Both pieces of software tried to automate the way Web Hosts could process orders. Unfortunately for WHM AutoPilot, WHMCS was able to capture a huge share of the market by expanding on what the software could do and tightly integrating it into the worlds most popular control panel for managing servers, cPanel. From licensing software to automated SEO solutions WHMCS can be customized and extended by installing WHMCS Modules that provide added functionality.

There are many different types of WHMCS module and WHMCS addons including, support modules, server monitoring modules, provisioning modules and payment modules. whmcsmodules.uk only lists the very best modules and themes that really provide great benefits. Before we list any products we thoroughly test them and use them so you know they are secure.

Getting Started With WHMCS

If you are new to WHMCS all the features can be daunting. It's relatively easy to setup WHMCS and configure your first product. Before that, you will need to ensure you have the correct type of web hosting. In all likelihood, your WHMCS install is going to be the centrepiece of your business. Taking payments, managing support and of course, setting up customers orders. For this reason, you need a fast web hosting solution. SATA web hosting is slow and SSD web hosting is sluggish plus, this type of equipment only has a short shelflife. If we were still in the 1990s we would be advising SSD hosting but the world has moved on. So what type of hosting is best for WHMCS? NVMe Web Hosting is the answer. NVMe based hosting does away with cables that connect the hard drive to the server, speeding up the flow of data to the end-user. It's reliable and has a long shelf life. Couple that with a fast webserver like LiteSpeed and your WHMCS install will load almost instantly and provide a great user experience.

Choose The Correct Web Hosting Solution

NVMe Web Hosting doesn't have to be expensive. You can pick up a cheap NVMe Web Hosting plan for around £3 a month which is enough to get you started but, you can also pick up fully managed servers with included cPanel licenses for £59 a month. Another thing to consider is backups. Your businesses data is important. You should ensure your web host takes regular backups. Look for hosting that includes JetBackup. Jetbackup is the industry-leading backup solution that allows you to restore whole sites or single databases within seconds. Should anything happen to your WHMCS, you can restore your website directly from cPanel without having to wait for your host's support team to restore your data. We've provided some trusted links below to get you started.

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